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Are you an amateur astronomer looking to purchase real estate with great viewing opportunities in the Goldendale / Bickleton area of Klickitat County? If so, you've come to the right place!

As you probably already know, Goldendale / Bickleton happens to be located right in the middle of some of the darkest skies in the State of WA. This, combined with the elevation of the Goldendale / Bickleton area, make for a dynamite combo....excellent viewing opportunities and cheap real estate prices for your own little slice of astronomy heaven. In fact, at 3020 ft elevation, Bickleton is ranked the 2nd highest city in elevation of any city in the State of WA!l

See the light pollution map below, courtesy of and Google Earth.


Light pollution map
Map courtesy of & Google Earth

If you are looking for your own private viewing site, contact me today. I've sold a lot of great 'dark sky' real estate parcels over the years and am familiar with the requirements for good viewing. I will help you find the best real estate locations for excellent viewing, and lucky for you, it's pretty inexpensive! Land is cheap and the viewing experience is out of this world!


Build your own observatory like this one!
(photo courtesy of Jim Hunt)


Andromeda Galaxy viewed from Observatory above - summer 2010
(photo by Gurbir Singh)


Dumbbell Nebula - viewed from Observatory above - summer 2010
(photo by Jim Hunt)


Happy viewing!


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